Resetting the global balance of climate justice

No country in the world is immune from the impacts of climate breakdown. But poorer countries are already suffering the worst impacts, with more than 30 million people forced to leave their homes by floods and fires in 2020 alone. Yet they have emitted far less carbon than richer nations. 

Resetting the global balance of climate justice has to mean that the richer countries make funds available to developing countries to make reparations for past climate loss and damage, and to help communities build resilience against future climate disasters.  The G20 has long promised this kind of funding, but so far almost none has materialised. Shamefully, Boris Johnson’s government has even cut the level of international aid provided by the UK.

The Green Party supports proposals for a global climate damages tax to be levied on fossil fuel producers at the point of extraction, with the money raised distributed to by a UN-controlled solidarity fund to help communities mitigate and adapt to the impacts of the climate crisis. 

Global Green movement
Global Green movement

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