Making polluters pay for a just transition

The climate emergency is accelerating even faster than most scientific models predicted. Our government produces rhetoric and targets, but has completely failed to take action on the scale that’s needed.

We need a powerful financial mechanism to drive down emissions. That mechanism is a carbon tax levied on every unit of greenhouse gas that is emitted in this country or outside the UK to provide goods and services used here increasing by 10% each year. This will:

  • Rapidly drive down fossil fuel usage and motivate the transition to renewables.
  • Remove the ability of companies to profit from wrecking our climate and ecosystems.
  • Raise funds in the short term for the massive investments that are needed for the transition to a zero-carbon economy – in retrofitting housing and heating systems, affordable public transport, sustainable agriculture and other areas.

The big four oil companies alone have made profits of more than $2 trillion since 1990. The Green Party is urging the UK government to show true leadership and commit to making these major polluters pay for the damaging greenhouse gases they emit. 

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